Tracking orders via UPS or Airborne


If your site is integrated with one of our supplier integration partners, the 'track' link found in the invoice report, email confirmations, or customer order history pages automatically route
you and or your customer to the appropriate tracking page at UPS, Fedex, or USPS when clicked.A‚A  The process is managed by the supplier, who returns us the tracking number in real time once the link at your site is clicked.A‚A  If you are the one shipping the order and preparing the shipment for UPS or FedEx you must enter EITHER the Sophio Order Number (we call this the INVPK) or your order number created by your warehouse management system.A‚A  In the Sophio order detail you will see a field called sup_ord_id which stores your Warehouse Management System's order number.A‚A  Our system will send these values to the shipper for automated tracking.

If the browser does not automatically redirect to the shipper's tracking page, it is because one of a three things have occurred.

1.  order has not yet been shipped by supplier
2.  order has been shipped, but suppliers server not yet updated
3.  shipper tracking server is not functioning at the time of the click
4.  when shipment was created by you or your supplier the 'reference number' was omitted or a value was entered that is not either the Sophio order number or the suppliers order number

Lastly, if you manually ship an order from your own stock, or elsewhere and want to override this behavior, you can enter the shipper's tracking number in the TRACK_NUM field of the invoice itself.A‚A  You do this by clicking 'edit' on the invoice report, and scrolling to the track_num field and entering either
the tracking number like this:

If you want to manually enter a tracking number into your order, you click 'edit header' or the button to 'add tracking number' in the invoice.A‚A  For a single tracking number enter:A‚A  UPS1Z9700150348099316

For multiple tracking numbers use a colon to separate them, like this:A‚A


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