Where do I insert 'conversion' scripts

Step 1 - go to your control panel - admin.epc
Step 2 - go to the file manager
Step 3 - change to your templates folder
Step 4 - scroll through the templates folder and look for a template file called conversioncode.wws, if found, click name and open it
Step 5 - Otherwise click 'create' button at top and in the name box enter conversioncode.wws and click create button to the right
Step 6 - scroll down to the new empty file you created conversioncode.wws below and click the file name to open it
Step 7 - copy and paste the script into this file and click save

Some additional tips...

This tag will show the script the A¢â‚¬Ëœsub totalA¢â‚¬â„¢ that excludes tax
handling and cores - insert where appropriate

+ oinvoice.odata.tax + oinvoice.odata.coretotal) %>


This tag will show the order number


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