How do I discount an order after it has been checked out?

If you want to add or remove a discount from an order that has been checked out (closed), you do the following.

1. go the invoice report (or use invoice search if you know the number)
2. find your invoice
3. click the link for the invoice number (this will display the invoice)
4. click the link for 'edit header'
5. scroll to the 'discount' field and enter an amount in dollars to discount the invoice total
6. enter a value in the discountid field (your name, the date, something...)

This is where it gets tricky...

7. There are two buttons at the top of the screen. Click the button labeled 'Save with freight update'. This tells Sophio to go back to the UPS or DHL or USPS server and get freight quotes and use your shipping rules to re-calculate the entire order. If you do not want the freight re-calculated then use the other button (of course if your discount drops the order size BELOW the 'free freight' amount, you might want to re-think this).

That's it!
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