What is a special order or quote request?

Special Orders and Quote Requests

The special order and or quote request is really the same thing. The process is as follows.

1. Consumer does a part number or year make model lookup.

2. If there are no results we display a link to specord.epc. You can see this page at any time by adding specord.epc to your site's url.

3. The consumer then completes the form and clicks submit

4. The consumer will receive an email as a confirmation. In this confirmation will be a link to check the status.

5. The store owner receives an email confirmation with two links in it. One link will allow him to edit his inventory file for the item the consumer is looking for. Note: This link only appears if the store setting 'specordadd' is checked on. SpecOrdAdd means, any special order request that comes from the net is automatically added to your inventory file. This can create lots of records that will ultimately be deleted, so use this option with care. The second link will allow the store owner to update the request. There are a few fields where you can a price and a note for the consumer to see. When the storeowner completes the form it sends the consumer an email that the quote is ready.

6. The consumer then clicks a link from the email he received after the store owner updated the request, and is brought to a page that shows them the 'answer'. the answer might be a price, or a note that the item is not available. If 'specordadd' is checked on, and the store owner entered a price, a link is given to the consumer to add the item to the cart.

In the above process, the storeowner can edit two forms. They can edit the form that the consumer see's when creating the special order, and they can edit the text the consumer see's when the first confirmation is sent out. The rest of the forms are hard coded into Sophio source code.
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