What are APO and FPO orders?

What is an APO address or an FPO address? APO stands for "Army Post Office," and is associated with Army or Air Force installations. FPO stands for "Fleet Post Office," and is associated with Navy installations and ships.

How do I ship to an APO or FPO address? This is a common question that we get from merchants who are exploring the possibilities of serving overseas military shoppers through their websites. For starters you must use the United States Post Office (USPS) to send the items (see above). While there has been some recent discussion and negotiation to allow Federal Express and UPS to send packages to these addresses, the only way to send an item to an APO or FPO address as of right now is to use the USPS. Shipments to APO FPO addresses also require some additional customs paperwork to be filled out by the shipper. If your not sure if your supplier will drop ship an APO FPO package contact them first before turning this feature on at your site.

To turn on this capability a few steps must be taken.

1) A Update your 'advanced settings page' or visit your store settings and add these two tags to the advset field.


2) A Go to your shipping maintenance, and add or edit a shipping model for USPS. A  A Be sure to choose USPSB and USPSR since APO/FPO are not ground shipments.

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