Can I find out what keywords a customer used to find me and ideally whether or not they bought?

We installed a new Site Statistics report. It is the first link on the

What are HTTP Status Codes ?

HTTP Status Codes:HTTP status codes are returned by web servers to indicate the status of a...

What does the term "Hits" mean?

Any files requested from the server (including files that are "Pages") except those that match...

What does the term "Visits" mean?

The term

What does the term pages mean?

The number of "pages" logged. Only files that don't match an entry in the NotPageList config...

What is "Add To Favorites" ?

This value, available in the "miscellaneous chart", reports an estimated value of the number of...

What is "Bandwidth" ?

Bandwidth is the total number of bytes downloaded or uploaded by visitors to your site.

What is a "Session Duration" ?

A Session Duration is the time a visitor spent on your site for each visit.Some visit durations...

What is a "Unique Visitor?

A Unique Visitor is a host that has made at least 1 hit on 1 page of your web site during the...

What is a Grabber?

A Grabber is a browser that is used primarily for copying locally an entire site. These include...

What is an "Entry Page" ?


What is an "Exit Page" ?


When I generate a report on sales or hits by make, I can not set parameters for a given period of time, what are the parameters and can I change them?

The report is intended to be a cumulative one. Some clients have asked us to make them date range