Where is the CMS (Content Management System)?

The Sophio Content Management System (CMS) is a lower level system designed to be used by webmasters and or web designers. A All of a web stores pages are created with standard html, css, and javascript scripts that are accessible to the merchant. A You can access the content of your website several ways. A These include:

1) A FTP

2) A The File Manager found in the Sophio Control Panel

3) A The Template Editor, also found in the Sophio Control Panel.

Below are some details about changing your site's content.

Changing the way your site looks

The first step is to download your site's web files and folders onto your pc. You do this by connecting to your website via ftp:

Location: A yourdomainname.com A 
port: 21
user id: whatever we assigned to you
password:A‚ whatever we assigned to you
passive transfer: on

The site is made up of a few files primarily and they are stored in your template and root folder. They are:

templates/index.wws - home page
templates/default.wc - template page used on all other pages of your site and referred to as the master template

All of the pages are html files with special tags in them that communicate with our software. The main tag is: <%=pclist%>. This is a 'place holder' for the dynamic content that is generated by Sophio and is rendered with each click. You will see this tag inside your default.wc page. if you do not see it, your site would not be showing pages such as the shopping cart, search results, etc. Without the pclist tag your site will not generate any catalog, shopping cart, or checkout pages. A Without the file default.wc your site will not work. A If the file extension .wc bothers you, you can rename it to default.html but you must update the store configuration so that it knows to use it. A That is done via this page mainteditstore.wws.

You will see a reference to several css files (epccatmaint.css and style.css and maybe countercat.css depending on the version of our software. The CSS file manages the colors, fonts, and text size throughout your store. A If this is foreign to you, you should create a ticket in our design department and let us change for you!

If you do not want to use ftp client software to access your files you can use our 'File Manager'. The File Manager is available from your control panel (admin.epc). The link is inA 
the Administration section of your control panel.

For changing other pages you may access the 'template editor', which is alsoA located in your control panel. Nearly every page that Sophio uses is aA template which can be edited by you or our design team. The file manager and template editor will make an immediate backup of each file you touch 'just in case'.

Lastly, if you want Sophio to make changes to your website you can create a ticket in our 'design' department. Do so atA http://support.sophio.com . MostA 
changes are billable at the then current rate for webmastering/design. If the charge is notA billable the design team will inform you prior to starting the work.A 
Always assume you will receive an invoice for at least one hour's charge for all design changes.

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