How do I use Google Analytics with my NexpartB2C webstore?

One of the most popular website tracking tools in use today is the free Google Analytics site. You can sign-up for it here: Once you signup for Google Analytics, you will need to retrieve your Google Analytics Account ID from within your Google Analytics account.  Google refers to this as a UA number (universal account).   Once you get your Google Analytics account ID, you need to enter the ID into the 'google tab' on your store settings (storesetup.wws).   It is very important NOT to put the script that Google gives you into any of your Sophio template pages because the system automatically inserts the id in every page (every page that ends with .epc or .wws).

Here are some additional notes for expert users. When you set-up your Google Analytics account, be sure to configure the account as an 'ecommerce' site. If you do this, you will get enhanced tracking that includes the ability to see conversions of different types. Google refers to this type of tracking as 'goals'. Below are the various goal IDs you'll need to set-up.

For goals, here is how to set it up (in Google account control panel). If you need Sophio to configure this for you, please create a support ticket and confirm that you approve an hour of billable time.

The comparison method should always be set to HEAD-MATCH

Item is Added to the Cart (customer hits 'Buy' button): /additem
Shopping cart is displayed: /shoppingcart

Checkout page is displayed: /checkout-one-page
Billing address form is displayed: /checkout-one-page/BillingAddress
Shipping address form is displayed: /checkout-one-page/ShippingAddress
Freight options are requested: /checkout-one-page/Freight
Freight options could not be fetched from the server: /checkout-one-page/Freight-failed
Payment options are displayed: /checkout-one-page/Payment
Place Order button is clicked: /checkout-one-page/PlaceOrder


Thank you page is displayed: /screen-confirmation

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