How do I create a proper landing page for use in advertising my site?

By now you likely know that your Sophio store is based on just a few files. The idea behind our page management scheme is that all parts will use the same navigation. Therefore, if you add a link to the master template, it instantly appears on ALL pages.  We also by default create a home page for you. These files are your home page (templates/index.wws) and your master template page (templates/default.wc). Many clients want to create pages that they can use to advertise with in Google Adwords; for example, The file you will create will be an entirely different page than your master template, but you will still want dynamic content to come from the Sophio system.  Perhaps this page is simply a Ford logo with a year and make drop down box with “Ford” pre-selected.

There are all sorts of ways to do this, but the best way is as follows:

1) FTP into your site, and download a copy of your default.wc found in the templates folder

2) Create an empty page called seo.wc and inside this file put the special tag <%=pclist%> inside of it and save this new file in your templates folder. All the file will have is <%=pclist%>

3) Open the default.wc you downloaded and rename it to ford-parts.wws.  Put any HTML and/or images you want in the file.  Naturally, be sure you upload any new images necessary to the appropriate folders. Look inside your new landing page (presumably you called it ford-parts.wws) for the special Sophio tag <%=pclist%> and remove it. At the top of the page add this tag:

<% ostore.mainpage="d:\inetpub\yoursitename\templates\seo.wc" %>

Notice in the tag above it says 'yoursitename'; this is normally your domain name or 'virtual' without the .com. So if your site is called the exact tag would be: <% ostore.mainpage="d:\inetpub\fordparts\templates\seo.wc" %>

If you do this and it does not work, go to your store settings (mainteditstore.wws) and look for the field mainpage. This will reference your master template page and show you the path to the default template folder.

When you are done with the above, you should be able to hit the page ford-parts.wws page and see just your content in the ford-parts.wws page. 


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